I have over 20 years experience working in the financial services sector. Currently my focus is on analyzing the robustness of select business models within the sector. More generally, I am interested in investing, capital markets and economics. This site is purely to share random musings on the state of our financial world.

Contact Email: deconstructingrisk@gmail.com

Maintaining a blog can sometimes feel narcissistic so I very much welcome feedback, whether negative or positive, and/or suggestions. Please click a like button, leave a comment, or send an email (on a strictly confidential basis).

Disclaimer: This blog represents my personal views and is not reflective of the views or opinions held by any company or employer I work for currently or have worked for in the past. The views expressed herein are based solely upon publicly available data. No views expressed herein should be taken as an endorsement to take any particular course of action in the markets. The basis of this blog is that different views should be expressed and readers make up their own minds on the what they believe and act accordingly.

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